11 Aug
The air is still
the chalk cliff a cathedral
a cemetery cross-section
bones crushed by the sea
this sea
the dinosaurs’ sea

the sea is not still
it domes beyond the reef
trimmed in silver white lace
waves lift and lower
move on
the water stays

This sea changes not
wanderlust and wonder
mystery and mastery
the lace races along the reef
this sea
is blue and green
and a deeper blue, and another green and another blue and a deep green, and another

my anchor is loosed
time drifts upon the tide
this sea destroys bones
to build cliffs
this sea
destroys cliffs
it builds and destroys and builds and destroys …
generation after generation upon generation after generation upon…
wave behind wave after wave behind wave after …
blue upon green after blue behind green beyond blue …

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Posted by on 11 August, 2010 in POEMS


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