NAIVE reflections on the concept of the poet as a scarecrow

11 Aug
isn’t the thing that scarecrows frighten birds away?
do we want only poems that aren’t scared of poets?
isn’t the bird in the bush worth two in the hand?
let’s creep up on some and see if they like one of us!
let’s BE a poem hiding from/laughing at a scarepoem.

hey! look! there’s old confabulator standing in a field trying to catch a poem on the breeze. mono-pedal sunrise worship pose again the fool. send a baby parrot as a tease! send a crow to dark his thoughts magpies to thieve his tongue haiku wrens to confound all he’s said. everyone land on one arm to topple him aground then build a nest and lay words in his head.

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Posted by on 11 August, 2010 in confabulator, POEMS


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