08 Nov

and among the fish, one fish is chosen
for a magnificent death

the nest waits far behind
on this my first flight

The flock is frenzied, swooping,
feasting where fishes feed
on things floating
near the surface

and among the fish, one fish is chosen
for a magnificent death

One thought

Bones and quills are
straightened, lungs are
bursting, ears are
screaming, tail is
rudder, wings are
swept back,
I define      flight for the air,
I define                  arrow for the breast of the sea,
I define                             death for one fish,
magnificent beloved death for one fish.

I strain every single tiny particle of stardust
in my being, every little instinct and pulse
and thrust and throb and iota of life
in me into a dive to deliver
death to one fish.

Water shock!
Strike! Strike!
Grasp, turn, thrust, burst, splash.
Weight shock!
Lift, lift wings, lift.

Jaw aching
muscles burning
fish struggling
flick up, turn up, head up,
catch, shake, swallow.

Kill. <> Eat.

I feel the water streaming from me
in the air that rushes by as I accelerate
upwards from the catch to the
sun and the air and the
flock all around

I am young,I am beautiful,
I am the purpose of creation:
the high point of evolution.

I     dive.

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Posted by on 8 November, 2010 in POEMS


One response to “Dive!

  1. piedhillprawns

    14 November, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Nice JDub. I’ve never been a sea bird before so thank-you for the new experience. I hope I hear you perform this sometime. I think it will sound different to what I have in my head.


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