I really missed you last night

08 Dec

an un-busted love poem: an un-lusted love poem

When he phones you in the morning and tells you, “I really missed you last night,” do you wonder what he’s been thinking?

It’s dark here
hot loud crowd music.
Fingering my
ring finger,
I watch
the ginger singer,

In the hotel room,
in the toilet bag,
in the soap box,
under the soap,
is a safe place
for a ring.

Team tour.
Wingers are singers
and the boys have

Sitting on a bar stool
fascinating fantasising
the ginger singer’s
…         er         …

She’s a real humdinger,
a zinger,
a ginger un-hinger.

I’d sing to her,
I’d cling to her,
I’d do everything to her.
I’d swing her.
I’d fling her.
And if she don’t come I’d bring her.
I’d ping her.
I’d linger my finger
on her dingler.

I’d thing her.
Make her sing,
her legs jingle,
juices mingle.
Tonight I’m single!

I’m not single.

The room is dark.
The sexy singer
has the attention.
I slip away to
wash my hands,
and the soapy ring slides home.

How could I have slept otherwise?

I’ll ring home in the morning
and I’ll tell her “I really missed you last night…”

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Posted by on 8 December, 2010 in POEMS


One response to “I really missed you last night

  1. piedhillprawns

    31 January, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I can’t believe i’m the first to comment here. I think this works well and want to hear it at Speedpoets JDub. Love ‘ginger un-hinger’.


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