23 Dec

Gravity, and home, will bring you back to Earth.
Space travellers, when they get back, declare
and demonstrate that nothing has more worth
than the planet of their birth; its waters, air
and lands, and all the creatures who must share
and care for Earth.   Such bonds seem hard to shed.
Each traveller thinks one place on Earth most fair:
one place beyond compare when all is said
and done, which the heart will yearn for, the head
will turn to, the feet will strain to regain.
That’s just the body’s home until you’re dead:
but the Spirit will stray and there’s the strain!
Robot and astronomer can rove on Mars,
roam around Jupiter, Saturn, and the stars.

Hit the link on ‘robot’ or ‘rove’ to see video of a sunset, and an eclipse, on Mars, taken by the rover, Opportunity. Courtesy NASA and Universe Today.

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Posted by on 23 December, 2010 in POEMS


One response to “ASTRONOMER

  1. Trudie Murrell

    24 December, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Having my body in one place and my spirit yearning for another, this sonnet has a mainline to my heart. I love the way you think. It makes me wonder if robots feel wanderlust.


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