29 Jan

In that time,
when the majority of all the people who had ever lived, lived,
I was alive.

In that time,
when the largest number of people who had ever watched a thing, watched,
I watched.

At that moment,
I was with my Nan.  Nan said that when she was born,
no-one had flown.

In that time,
twelve people walked on the Moon of Earth.
Twelve people, twelve ordinary people, walked on the Moon.

In that time I was alive
with Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, and Neil Armstrong,
and so was half of mankind.

At that moment,
we watched while he slid down the ladder and jumped onto another planet.
We watched.

At that moment
we watched as mankind reached a pinnacle of human and technological achievement.
We watched.

In that time,
Nan lived her life of manned flight.
I lived long enough to learn that the Apollo Program was an aberration.

In that time,
One nation had to be better than another.
It was just a political aberration.

And now the number of people on this Earth who are hungry, every day,
is greater than the number who watched.
And we don’t watch.

Nan lived through two World Wars.
I lived through none.
In my life, more people died than had died before I was born.

And in the end, what did I do?
I lived an ordinary life in extraordinary times.
and I watched

I watched mankind start to care for the planet,
and for the hungry, without a political aberration.
Let it be enough.

Please, let it be enough!

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One response to “EULOGY

  1. John Stevens

    29 January, 2011 at 1:45 am

    This is very good – there are some great ideas in here and the lines just carry the reader along. I love the statistics and other hard facts in the middle of the poetry, and mankind seen from a perspective I hadn’t noticed before.


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