120105 my wife at the jetty

17 Jan


She leaves
pale neck stretched
long legs and feet pointed
she defines the
shortest distance

tail twitches
to steady her
slender body
balanced under
her wings

alone she
surveys the waters.


silent as air
she is
in her movements
as a straight line.

I forget her before
she is out of sight.



The sun sets.
The half-moon waits.

Top of the tide
balance moment
no water moves
warm breeze quietens

coo coo coo-oo
doves maintain the rhythm
songbirds chorus or solo

coo coo coo-oo
crows pair off, call
with quiet excitement,
find a high roost and watch
fruit bats leave for work

coo coo coo-oo
cockatoos start gently
end raucously
moorhen and cormorant,
almost luminous,
select boughs near the water
for the lonely night

coo coo coo-oo
following a duck family
I guide my craft beneath a bough
that explodes with swallows
who put on an aerobatic display
at water level. Daredevils fly so
close I see their chestnut cheeks.

coo coo coo-oo



As I
paddle back
in fading light
the slender neck,
long legs,
body, return
to the river, she
selects a leg,
and settles
for the night.

My wife is back at the jetty.

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Posted by on 17 January, 2012 in #MoP12, POEMS


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