Peter Bakowski Poets’ Pep Talk 24 April 2013 Continental Cafe New Farm

01 Apr
I have 25 seats booked at the Continental Cafe for dinner with Peter Bakowski on 24 Apr 13.  For a donation of $10 you will partake of Peter’s Pep Talk (see the attachment).  You can also get a light meal, full meal, drinks (alcoholic etc) and good coffee from the menu (not included in the $10).  We will have the large back room to ourselves, and fill it with worthy words and poetic mirth.  Any funds collected over and above Peter’s fee will be used to buy his meal and tip the waiters.
Here are some quotes from bios and suchlike, in case that sort of thing is to your taste.

An avid reader who fell in love with the map of the world at the age of six, Peter Bakowksi has been writing poems for 30 years. When writing a poem, he keeps in mind the following three quotes: “Use ordinary words to say extraordinary things.” – Arthur Schopenhauer / “Writing is painting.” – Charles Bukowski / “Make your next poem different from your last.” – Robert Frost

During the talk, he will ‘impart as much practical and philosophical information as possible regarding sourcing, crafting and revising poems, gleaned from  my 30 years’ experiece in writing poetry. The talk including question time goes for an hour but can be tailored to 45 minutes.”
If you would like to attend, please leave a comment below (regardless of previous expression of interest), and I will reserve you a seat.  Please pass this news on, by all means available to you, so that we can fill the room.

2013 poetry pep talk.doc 2013 poetry pep talk.doc
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