Autumn Moon (Chris Lynch)

18 May

Autumn Moon

Written 6 April 2013 by/between Chris Lynch, Graham Nunn, John Wainwright, Cindy Keong, Fern Thompsett, Andrew Phillips, Chloë Callistemon, Lee-Anne Davie, John Koenig, Rachael Briggs, and a.rawlings.

autumn moon20130406_ccallistemon_Renku_002
in the balcony pot
gold fish

no bloom on the plant
I love

she runs with her
girl in dewy grass
wearing only spring frocks

moonlight inches
up her thigh

grey mangroves
I have salt
between my teeth

shoots push upwards
a skeleton in reverse

from the centre
of the rotted-out boab
I see sky

no longer blue
in this blossom-loosening wind

sepia light
he sits under
luminous horns

named for two popes
an austere theologian broods

his thoughts crackle, inaudible
but for the drop of leaves, or
turning pages

ruminating, he scratches his chin
chomps another cracker

in a circle
a quorum of poets
empty teapot

mic spit
the singer’s rage

she swallows
and the kaleidoscope
blinks silently

illuminated she wears
rose-coloured glasses

melodious, Delores swears rose-thorn
accusations, her mouth a square, her
wit cut and quick

heavy metal cello
vibrations of an old friend’s voice

power lines crackle
you press handprints
into reflected clouds

bones left
to whiten in the sun

a magpie picks
at all
that remains

winter frost
the sting on bare feet

the sound of cracking
so far underground
fresher than the feel of remembering

where glow worms predict next
season’s ornitheology

in the chapel
of your wild garden
lighting torches

stained glass
all the colours of the rainbow

echoing around the
whispering gallery of St Paul’s
“Fuck you, Mr Hitler”

golden light
stirring sugar into tea

asks for her hand
the gentle breeze
slams a door

I can’t find the whip bird
in my apartment

heat wave
colouring inside
the lines

dying light
only a few circled in the lounge

a square window
frames the first crayon smudges
of a toddler’s new day

dissolve the corners of rooms
scratching towards a view

an empty room
grows emptier
at dawn

the sky shines silver
in the west, colourful in the east

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One response to “Autumn Moon (Chris Lynch)

  1. John Stevens

    20 May, 2013 at 3:57 am

    I think you all had fun doing this.
    (I was in the whispering gallery of St Paul’s not long ago; so that’s what I could hear echoing around the walls!)


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