Second Bottle (Chris Lynch)

18 May

Second Bottle

Written 6 April 2013 by/between Graham Nunn, Lee-Anne Davie, John Koenig, Fern Thompsett, Rachael Briggs, Chris Lynch, John Wainwright, Cindy Keong, Andrew Phillips, Chloë Callistemon, and a.rawlings.

second bottleoldpond
the outdoor table rusts
into autumn

in the kitchen, the ferns
oversee the cooking

sizzling tears of sunlight
spit, bursting daydreams
left over from a day past

trees bend, stretching skeletons
to sift through the mist, nostalgic

father and son
in matching red shirts

out of the tree hole
blue tarantula

a bad idea
green ginger wine
and cordial

prudence is for walruses
they shoot dreamers, don’t they?

she measures
with seasons

waning light
too busy to join us

a howl
the māori totem
looks left

the captain points
south, pack ice

breath whitens
we enter the shadows
of the gorge

beneath us
the pounding waterfall

a group of ruffian boys
emerge glittering wet
hair parted down the middle

memories are lost here
or only live until the skin dries

spring thaw
we watch our snow angels

waking in white sheets
this beautiful stranger

to look upwards, even
if only for the smell
of cold air

I taste bacon and coffee
from across the room

falling through cream
the dark earth reveals

hollyhocks, hostas, Rachael,
then Chris, then Chloë

trumpets of sunrise
a throne
with some good reading

your favourite joke falls
from a paper crown

she must be deaf
to keep singing this way

she turns to leave
the music strikes a fanfare

a funeral march reversed
moving forward
towards the setting sun

it is always morning somewhere
but time is lost on satellites

the shade of shadows
we walk through
North Korea

twin sister
telling you off again

does it need to be said
when wind chimes
contain the universe’s sighs

if we spoke on in-breaths
would we hear the wind better?

after the phone call
the sound
of rain

denim shorts left behind
tears in the morning

sand dune leap
I land
on Sunday

our sea eagle flies feathers
into my glass

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One response to “Second Bottle (Chris Lynch)

  1. John Stevens

    21 June, 2013 at 12:38 am

    It’s an interesting project you are all engaged on. This reads like the work of a single mind and is really quite elegiac.


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