90 Days in Brisbane – emily xyz twitter poems

1 Jul 10 it’s a show yo ya know ya gotta go for it be ready when curtain opens & the sun rise and rise many hours from home
2 Jul 10 if u r feeling sick & blue, suggestion ingest ghostboy / new farm park / where roses bloom in brisbane’s so-called winter
3 Jul 10 Even the night sky is less crowded here, southern constellations a handful of haphazard glitter blown past the party on brunswick st
4 Jul 10 speedpoets ran late caused a crash of cashew vegetables & worldcup quiz ?s / funny unaustralians shielded from robert bobb’s mc hatchet
5 Jul 10 sunny moonday, day of laundry / blue sky but no clearance for anything / even the damn dumpster was shut & locked10
6 Jul 10 Gray carpet of an afternoon, not to rest on / 1 poem every 4 days, come on / what are currency traders up to, did they give me a raise?
7 Jul 10 mother shot baby & ex & killed self detroit style in rockhampton / no don’t imitate US / mother mother mother mother please
8 Jul 10 OK week 1 is over, now I’m just in here writing as much & as fast as i can, and amazing vegetable laksa is the reward! best takeout ever.
9 Jul 10 Remember nice guys? Today 2 one a stranger, walked me to train / the other Graham / cocos palm nuts made his dog sick, poor thing.
10 Jul 10 Gentle persuasion Ghostboy’s boy’s toy train sells choc shake & sushi, $2 / Paddington mkt sun, lemons, lemongrass, pineapple, flowers.
11 Jul 10 internet down at the Judy, desktop becomes world / give up, walk, roses in red sunset / Ghostboy what is music software called?
12 Jul 10 July 12, mother’s birthday / born catholic in belfast on orangemen’s day 1927 / d. 1986 / she had a beautiful voice & everyone loved her
13 Jul 10 workshop Poets of Brisbane! I’m honored – now here’s what’s wrong w/ your poems / oh look the red carpet is being rolled back up
14 Jul 10 pineapple sun becomes too much / fall asleep on black couch w/ new bio of syd barrett / dream of niagara river w/billy silent long ago
15 Jul 10 china unplugs blogs / n.korea amputates w/no anesthetic / russian rockstar questions putin to his face, makes globe less meaning less
16 Jul 10 north is warm here, orion upside down / look how close vietnam / who will go drive w/rambo now / dishevelled wandering army smoke dong
17 Jul 10 who knew kangaroo wander country lawns like deer? & i wd have lost bet, bee-sting is no brioche, HAS custard inside – learn QLD pastry!
18 Jul 10 Floating walkway Brisbane river Sunday morning like olympic cycling speed trials / Tis the hour of peppy sunny sporty, 4 cryin out loud!
19 Jul 10 guys replaced blown-out bulbs in hi ceiling / Nirvana means blown out, did u know that? now i can see what i’m doing but still not know
20 Jul 10 rain sounded faraway last nite / long distance / fill space & time w/ what is here & now / signs say keep goin let 6 mos a go go
21 Jul 10 of everyone i know right now, i am the most free
22 Jul 10 machine shack covered in flame vine spliced-up audio gear feels like home/or was-home/ & fern’s a skillful glittering dj in the sunshine
23 Jul 10 I live above a party every night friday every night frenzy of sirens then silence / as sky turns grisaille / & tangerine tide comes in
24 Jul 10 Ghostboy scared no one at kids park, fig trees did not drip girls, fake fur smelled like dank basement, jewelry was heavy / all is well
25 Jul 10 yoyo pants palazzo capri fussytailored striped postapocalyptic jersey nightgown sliced slit slinky w/acrylic lace o dogstar, reconsider!
26 Jul 10 wattle so interesting frothy blur of blue-grey-green and yellow / yet always on a cliff’s edge, how much do you want to see me?
27 Jul 10 that ride home after workshop is sweet / focus over, story bridge is like a carousel & judy glows at other end friendly blue in the dark
28 Jul 10 Graham’s book came out in a roomful of love / the art of creating good vibes as fine a gift as uplifting a rainy night w/ poems
29 Jul 10 i love the cloud cover i think better river steely glimmer / & in perfume shop piguet’s visa overwhelms, osmanthus at passout level
30 Jul 10 Mars Saturn Moon Pluto contra-parallel off-kilter / temperature inversion / some days are better for signing forms & buying white wigs
31 Jul 10 whoever called 6 am don’t do that again / Loudass machines at 7 Zenobia 11, Tatjana noon, black green lizard 3, Ghostboy 6 = 12 hrs good
1 Aug 10 Speedpoets convene again, WestEnd, this time more friends / and when we left, clouds like a pink sand beach on the blue ribbon blue sky
2 Aug 10 monday housekeep laundry shop monday windy sundown wonder why you’ll never know well dinner monday busy but nothin gets done
3 Aug 10 joke internet stops poem abt Tatjana’s depart & Eminem testing tolerance of QLD State Library – and poets
4 Aug 10 for enlightenment, 108 reps of mahamrityunjaya / or nowiwannabeyourdog / is ron asheton reborn yet?
5 Aug 10 Terry White Chemists track u do not swipe the white liner the black the silver glitter the rose the gold the red, then ring u up wrong
6 Aug 10 uphold standards of GoldenVirtues / huge expensive corsets in no we’re not a trannie shop / Brisbane, how do you plead? NOT GUILTY!
7 Aug 10 anand raju’s wallet is @ brunswick st cops / & that basement-smelling black fake fur still hasn’t sold / she has to make a living, damn!
8 Aug 10 On Bowen Terrace cliffs, giant plants I don’t know / took 3 jadegreen sprouts off a palm-lookin thing / and viewed my path from higherup
9 Aug 10 futures uncertain / list of little things missed / listen to bring the noise abt 100x for history & producer’s tricks on this his bday
10 Aug 10 delicious rain best thinking weather best london walk to library at neon gleaming neardark w/ chemical bros / myers, welcome 2 brisbane
11 Aug 10 so many sirens lately / thin grin of brand new moon in green sky at sundown, start of something but what?
12 Aug 10 hard ekka wind shaking banging metal paper feathers hair / ok blow me away show me something i’ve never seen before!
13 Aug 10 dear guy next door i’m sorry i know this poetry is loud / we used to rehearse on chelsea piers NYC not anymore too fancy (the piers)
14 Aug 10 evening chill they still keep doors & windows open in Graham & Julie’s kitchen where we had dinner / veggie grill cozy smell delicious
15 Aug 10 only 65 yrs ago today WWII ended / entire world remade in < a lifetime, still can’t quite believe 20th century
16 Aug 10 you would not believe how popular this rooftop is monday 7 a.m. w/ every crow and every maintenance guy in town
17 Aug 10 That thing in you that says write this [whatever] & perform it is its own reason for being / someone is meant to hear that & understand
18 Aug 10 deep in Valentino’s ruched ruffled pleated braided beaded lacy glitter glow you see the needletough hands of old italian seamstresses
19 Aug 10 morning in crosshairs of heat hassle bad air late & lots to do / afternoon shot / evening, well Irizarry was good at least
20 Aug 10 woke up in downpour / this might have cost no-rain-till-brooklyn Jules 10 bux / but being a pleasant guest I did not force the bet
21 Aug 10 up windy binnaburra rd to Cal & Nik’s / slot machine by bonfire under southern cross for the family & dogs, longlong way from Jackie60!
22 Aug 10 Main beach sapphire teal jade young guys in wetsuits way out / Red gold spangled rainforest at sunset / blue haze high terrace cold
23 Aug 10 drenching cloud-rain morning, last night’s fire soggy ash but no dampening of warmth / myers drives L, i read map, wickham st appears
24 Aug 10 elevator full of beautiful hair at QACI / angelvoices spin floss Australia nat’l anthem / Love to you, scariest of audiences, teenagers
25 Aug 10 how do u get 2 QPF? practice practice practice / till words become rhythmic nothingsound / let guy in hall on cellphone talkpoem
26 Aug 10 a wall of sound a wa soul ln dof ll awa sof und waalof sou ndawal settle down / jasmine bloom tonight like it was no big deal nobi gdeal
27 Aug 10 find way thru darkness find self onstage talking disembodied voices & don’t you be the problem / yeah glitter goes good w/ disco poem!
28 Aug 10 who’s best / andy angela jeremy tiggy ross? graham pam johnpaul angel darkwing ken? ghostboy who reads bowie upstairs as baby sleeps?
29 Aug 10 miss angela sets the bar where it can be reached – with effort / this is where you can go got it now i know why i’m here thank you
30 Aug 10 ex-QPF, melbourne is glossy cool blue & beige / bells at 6, platinum glow of soaring coffeecolor hotel, fish tacos & kokoblack (closed)
31 Aug 10 banksias youthful pale yellow to stone brown / last post on cold gray afternoon Shrine of Remembrance / life goes on @ kokoblack (open)
1 Sep 10 clothing currency porcelain glass & iron from Titanic / seen on sea floor 25 yrs ago today for 1st time in 73 yrs /numerology of sorrow
2 Sep 10 Toff in Town like home, like cbgb, like everystage / when my feet touch it my head clears, cocktail party’s over & i know what to do
3 Sep 10 how cool SlotMachine in silent QLD Parliament, pink & gold walls luring from words / how hard roar of slam crowd hits in library later!
4 Sep 10 Pascalle’s babyblue shoes hip verbiage & Miles’s elastic wideangle taletelling tasty as pistachio glace @ Sat. noon session, steamy BWF
5 Sep 10 rehearse more morning / again read again read / pouring down rain by dark, photo of Ghostboy & Myers in blue stairwell outside my room
6 Sep 10 suddenly quiet monday / labor day at home classes start wed / 2nite as teacher i do ok / in empty classroom later i wonder what happened
7 Sep 10 out to tin cottage where the genelecs are / patient audioengineer paces thru 2 columns of what the hell was that? @ workshop they know
8 Sep 10 music from outside / black dress white hair silver glitter walk up stone steps @ customs hse / sunset jasmine spring green, what is time
9 Sep 10 Engagement pay attention every second life stops for someone God bless u Joe B great punk guitar / my 21st bday, i will never forget you
10 Sep 10 in order of audible tom ride kick vocals bass everything else / nightly cascade of glass bottles into dumpster has better sound
11 Sep 10 on 9/11 same kind of morning wandered into eid festival saudi men white robes green sashes toy swords / names being read in New York
12 Sep 10 boxcut hedges of Murraya, subtropical mockorange / that’s what smells so sweet / tried growing this once on NYC windowsill didn’t work
13 Sep 10 fresh light on story bridge wavy air water smell glistening shrubs / aware of time scoping down all the more beautiful
14 Sep 10 spring breeze on kangaroo point graces our last workshop / night like cool grass / wouldn’t a 70 chevelle be perfect?
15 Sep 10 darek & ross took us to cate’s hotel, that was nice / queen st market closed early cause of wind, still got a carmel macadamia slice
16 Sep 10 stay present, sometimes it’s better not to reflect / life is NOW, wrap-up reading at Avid Reader doesn’t seem like end of anything
17 Sep 10 Ran for 360 view of Brisbane from Mt Cootha while bus was waiting / 60 seconds of wow, brass disk underfoot north south east west sea
18 Sep 10 keep working, make a grid, u can do it / albion shed becomes chicago house / meter is running at 132 bpm on perfect gray afternoon
19 Sep 10 when in doubt, give yr poem the walk test / walk across Story Bridge, if you feel like you’re in a really great movie, poem is good
20 Sep 10 from Story Bridge see scrubbed-clean cliffs and the bomb shelters of old / worksite all tidied up now on to the next I know the feeling
21 Sep 10 darek found in front of studio entire skin of a snake discarded not needed outgrown snake has gone on to bigger and better
22 Sep 10 from trak but no dance to dance trak in ❤ hrs is just charmed life / i know coach becomes pumpkin again soon but right now it’s so fun
23 Sep 10 metallic glow of sunset bounces off glass lands on river green silvergold blue / go citycat thru / speedwalk to the poetry disco round
24 Sep 10 perhaps most fun moment of sendoff was seeing Jodi dance to Azucar / Eddie Palmieri still holds sway, all are Nuyorican when he plays!
25 Sep 10 all work done walk to market aluminum morning along river yes there’s pineapples avocados bananas honey in the midwest but not like this
26 Sep 10 taking my studio apart & putting it in 3 small bags / chinese food pas & ian a cruzer wrapped in a silver photo of me wish u were drugs!
27 Sep 10 anoThur night @ Avid, would it continue / Fern’s a natural, Hadwen’s a rock star, jaywalking’s OK… soon they’ll sell trudles at cafes!
28 Sep 10 long silvery walks, many of them / lonely, noisy, productive, belonging i have done everything i came here to do & more new is all right

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