bird of paradise bows to a honey-eater

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50 copies ready and waiting for you, and packed with poems both local and international.

Pick up your copy from The Hideaway tomorrow, Saturday 29 March 2014.

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Couplet at Brisbane Square Library

If you’re not following Vanessa Page, get on board now.
The performance at the library on 4 April is not to be missed.
Scott and ness are both great entertainers and talented poets.
Get your flights to Brisbane booked.

The Worded Page

On Friday 4 April I’ll be sharing the Couplet limelight with Scott Sneddon, aka Scott Wings – one of our land’s premier performance talents. Scott’s just returned to Brisbane after rave reviews at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Couplet is a monthly event, hosted by David Stavanger who is the Reader in Residence at the Brisbane Square Library. Couplet is about pairing two voices together for an hour of poetry, and the pairing of very different voices is what makes this event so exciting. It’s also a little bit ‘page’ vs ‘stage’ in nature, so if you are curious about the differences between a page poet and a performance poet, then this event is definitely for you!

I’ll be reading primarily new material from a current manuscript and also from a special project that I’m working on with John Koenig.  This is my first feature reading for the year so I’m…

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serial killer

> the wives of Puck
> move silent through my head
> hearing all the thoughts I left unsaid
> the wives of Puck
> shift thoughts around my head
> revealing all the men I would see dead
> the witches’ words
> the walking woods and fears
> red deadly hands 
> the squawking in my ears
> the wives of Puck
> ride rivers in my head
> the flush and pulse of rivers flowing red
> the wives of Puck
> are squawking in my head
> my beloved wife and I will join the dead

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Lawrence Keats

Lawrence Keats and his sister, Polly
recited their poems, so sad, so jolly
and people came from miles around
to see her face and hear their sound

but one day Uncle John realised
that Laurie’s poems were plagiarised.
Now all the people call them cheats:
Pretty Polly and Laurie Keats.

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The Tide that Passes By

when the ducks squawked up the creek
I slid into where they’d hid,
I saw things of which I should not speak
and I may be cursed because I did

the mangroves hid the evergreen
stunted and twisted brush
that none but I have ever seen
and I found terror in the hush

the cormorant nest, the dragon’s burrow
the wash of the tide
the wash of sorrow
the mud and the filth where the darters hide

and I heard of the cormorant’s neck
of the armoured hall of the lizard
and I heard of the turtle’s ocean trek
and the fish’s thought in the sea bird’s gizzard

as I gazed on the hidden place
and the light came horizontal
and I saw Old Nature’s face
that was lit by sun full frontal

a fiery light, an orange light
a sunset light that faded soon
into a youthful, lovely night
in the silvery light of the high half moon


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each morning she had
“at eleven o’clock!”
a small bottle of Guiness

in 1969 she turned 87
in May –
from Victoria to Elizabeth
was quite a ride –
and I turned 20 the
very next day.

At the end of July*
a ghost like figure
slid down the right
of a little screen.

“Is he Irish?”
“He’s American, Nan”
“Let’s drink his health.
It’s an Irish name.”
“Here’s to Neil Armstrong,” I said
“That’s one small step…” said Neil
and I didn’t hear the rest.
“They hadn’t even flown
when I was born,” said Nan.

was 17 years old
Martin Luther King
Mods and Rockers
World Cup
Northern Ireland
free love
flower power
race riots
Coronation Street
all on black and white



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